Sie befinden sich auf der LR Partnerseite von T h o m a s K o p p Dies ist keine offizielle Website der LR Health & Beauty Systems GmbH. LR World Online-shop for perfume, cosmetics and Nutrition. You can find also Aloe Vera products, Colostrum and Microsilver special care. LR World - LR Online-shop Perfume fragrance, cosmetics, nutrition, haircare and bodycare products LR world Welcome by the LR shop and LR world of wellness. Welcome. Perfumes Cosmetics buy online in our online store. Shop in our LR shop, you can buy perfume online, buy cosmetics online, buy jewelry online. Supplements online and many other wellness products and beauty products. We offer an excellent price to performance ratio. Reliable and transparent deliveries are natural for us. Attractive customer group-specific discounts especially interesting for our regular customers. Questions about our products? Just use our contact form. The Online-Shop for perfume, cosmetics, nutrition. Wellness- Beauty-, Lifestyleproducts for a beautyfull look * You find a great assortment of fragrances perfumes, also for men in "Eau de Parfum" Quality, from 9,95 Euro * Beauty World for Woman. To be glad at LR Deluxe - spectacular Make-up Looks - highest fragrance quality to friendly prices * We have fragrance, perfume, cosmetics, nutrition, wellness, health, bodycare-, haircare- and lifestyleproducts for your. * Reliable and transparent delivery is for us e-commerce Team naturally * NEW: better shipment conditions for EU-Countries All Products are from 1A resources with highest Quality. ! ! ! new new new new new new new new new new ! ! ! To rejuice - we have complete news beauty cosmetics products "Colours" and "DELUXE" New Products, highest Quality, 2 new Series: "LR Colours" und "LR Deluxe". Find YOUR personal look! Feel good, look great You can find this Online-Shop also by Please use the Google Translator on the right menue side by "Sprachen" "Languages" We wish your a lot of fun, by the online-shopping by Welcome visitor! Would you like to login? Or would you like to create a new account ? - Heart and Soul perfume - Fragrance Set Direction of perfume: Flowery - Friuty - Sensual This Set includes: * Eau de Perfume 50 ml * Perfumed Body Lotion 200 ml * Perfumed Deodorant 100 ml * Perfumed Shower Gel 200 ml 1 x Heart and Soul perfume - Fragrance Set' order Artistic Quattro Eyeshadow Artistic Quattro Eyeshadow * 4 bombierte, gebackene Lidschatten für kreative Look-Varianten * Sanfte, satinierte Farbspiele von zarter bis intensiver Brillanz * Extrem weiche und seidige Textur für einfache Applikation * Wet-&-Dry-Vorteil: Textur trocken oder feucht auftragen * Dafür Applikator, Pinsel oder Finger anfeuchten und Farbe aufnehmen * Deluxe-Dose mit Doppel-Applikator und Innenspiegel Inhalt: 4 x 0,5 g Aloe Vera Emergency Spray excl. 19 % Tax excl.Shipping costs 03. Jungle Man - Eau de Parfum Aloe Vera Life Essence Gel 6er Pack 06. Aloe Vera Box 07. 2-Docht-Raumparfum-Kerze im Glas Info Customer group: You do not have the permission to see the prices, please create an account. Currencies Languages Deutsch English Gadgets - powered by Google Manufacturer